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International Organisation with membership worldwide: TOKAMAF, is for the Preservation & Research into okinawan kobujutsu & associated martial arts of the ryukyu islands.

Bushi te ryu hakutsuru Chinese/Okinawan White Crane association. Is for the preservation and research into the white crane techniques of China and Okinawa, and its influence it had on karate-do, as we know it today.

tokamaf recognises -  (magi)  Martial arts grandmasters international  (R)- as the world governing body for martial arts


Founder and chief instructor: Kaicho Philip Bradley  HANSHI  9th Dan; MEIMA, FSMA.   Head-progressive karatedo league (pkl) international (england for Shitokai Philippines).


Bushi-te-ryu, Hakutsuru (Chinese/Okinawa White Crane), Okinawan-te, Okinawan Kobujutsu.

Weapons of the Ryukyu Islands, that i teach:-

Nunchaku, Tonfa, Sai, Bo, Kama, Eiku, Tekko, Surujin, Kuwa, Nunti - Sai, Nunti - Bo,, Timbe & Rochin,

Chizikun Bo, Sansetsukon, Mini Sansetsukon ( 3 Section Nunchaku ) & Bo - Axe.


Other Styles Studied:

Boxing, Daitoryu Aiki Jiu Jitsu, Shinbukan and Muso JiKiden Eishinryu Iaido, Shukokai and Shotokan Karate , Wudang Tai  Chi Chuan ( Seven Stars) and Hakutsuru, Cha Quan Chuan Fa, Tiy Chuan Fa - White Crane.


qualifications, Membership & Awards

Member of the European Institute of Martial Arts.

Fellow of the Society of Martial Artists.

Martial Arts Judge and Referee; Data Protection Controller; CRB Agency Registered and Senior Grading Officer.

Silver Jubilee Merit Award in Appreciation for his/her dedicated service to the Community in the field of Karate, Awarded 16th August,1992.

World Black Belt, Inc., in association with Hawaii Rock Productions.,' Living Legend Award ' , for their dedication

and love for Sport Martial Arts Competition, awarded by Professor Gary Lee, 9th Dan Okinawa Te,  Museum

of Sport Karate, USA. Awarded 9th May,2011.

The Official Karate Magazine Golden Shuto Award 2012. In recognition of his vast contributions to the growth of the martial arts in the United Kingdom.

Lifetime Membership of Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate Kobudo Federation. 

Member of The International Karate Masters Association.

Special Awards & Certificates

Okinawan kobudo


             Bo                            Eiku                      Nunchaku                   Kama                         Tonfa



    "Bushi" Matsumura         Yasutsune Itosu      Mabuni kenwa      Tani Chojiro & Kimura Shigeru

              Sokon                              ( Anko)

          1792-1887                      1830-1915               1889-1952             1921-1998  &  1941-1995

Japanese masters i've trained under

 Tose Keiji; Sakai Kazuo; Sato Shizuya; Ohtami Hiromichi; Ochiai Tadao; Yoshida Ryosaku; Matsuzaki Iwao;   Yamada Haruyoshi; Sumino H; Yamada Keiko; Ishitoby K; Tomiyama Keiji

okinawa masters i've trained under

Nahara Koei,

chinese and european masters i've trained under

Bob Willits, Daniel Lee, Tommy Kwan, Laker sensei, George White, Dave Ansell, Vic Miller, Bob Breen and George Bishop

contact details

 Tel: 07475059810


technical advisor to tokamaf:  George Bishop  HANSHI  9TH Dan.




Shotokan Karate

Other Styles Studied:

Wado Ryu, Aiki do, Jiu Jitsu, Shorin Ryu and Bushi te ryu / Hakutsuru.



qualifications, membership & Awards

 NCF Coach; Trustee NCDA; Self Defence Instructor; School Governor; On Commitee of Local Youth Club;

 Martial Arts Judge and Referee; Child Protection Officer Advanced Certificate and Senior Grading Officer

Special awards & certificates



japanese masters i've trained under

 Suzuki Tatsuo, Kanazawa, Nagamine and Tomara.

European masters i've trained under

 John Tor, Blanti Sahanes, Pete Spanton, Mike Nory, John Lumpton,  P. Keppel and Philip Bradley.

contact details

 Tel: 07973 282 712


sato shizuya hanshi (1929-25th feb, 2011)

 It is with the deepest regret, that we wish to inform you of the death of SATO Shizuya Hanshi who passed away on 25th February 2011, aged 82. He was the Chief Director, Kokusai Budoin, International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF). Hanshi 10th Dan Jiu Jitsu; Hanshi 9th dan Judo; Shihan, US Embassy Judo Club Tokyo - Japan. RIP.   (Information and photo by kind permission of Shihan Angelo Tosto 6th Dan)


International director tokamaf, texas/usa:  professor gary lee, 9th dan okinawa te. founder museum of sport karate masters. sugarland texas

international director tokamaf, sweden:  soke leif hermansson 10th dan okinawa karate & okinawa taira kobudo.  president world traditional martial arts society

Phone: + 46 (0) 738-35-66-99


International Director tokamaf, North - Eastern USA: Grandmaster andrew s. linick, hanshi 10th dan. a pioneer & legend since 1958. founder of martial arts grandmasters international (R). u.s ambassador of karate.

Phone No:

Email Address:

Photo's Copyright (c) 1994 & Copyright (c) 2011 by MA Celebrity photographer, Gaylen Andrews

international Director tokamaf, philippines: Shihan dennis queano aquino, president: Philippine karatedo league, inc. progressive karatedo league, (pkl) International. secretary general, philippine shitoryu karatedo federation. chief instructor, shitokai philippines.

International Director TOKAMAF, ITALY: Santiago Sacaba Hanshi, 10th Dan Shorin Ryu-Seitokan. International-Shorin ryu-Seitokan-Karate-Kobudo Association.    info:

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Application to join

Application forms comes in two (2) parts, both parts must be completed, before your application is excepted

Application forms are now on PDF for downloading

Please email me for application forms


Registration of current grade

There is no charge for adding your name into our Black Belt Register.

However prove of current grade, is required, before an individual's name can be entered into the register.

TOKAMAF - Lifetime Achievement Award, (for long and dedicated service to preserving the history of their chosen martial arts)

Grandmaster Dan Tosh 10th Dan Shorin ryu Karate & Grandmaster Cezar Borkowski 10th Dan Kokoro kara kansha, has graciously excepted the 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lifetime Membership Award: (To those Martial artists that have been awarded a lifetime membership Award, for long and dedicated service to Preserving  the history of Martial Arts)

Grandmaster Jack Hogan, 9th Dan, Hogan International Kyushu Jiu Jitsu & Karate do awarded 23/3/2009.

Kyoshi George Bishop, 8th Dan Karate, 4th Dan Jiu Jitsu, 1st Dan Bushi te ryu Hakutsuru awarded 19/4/2009.

Grandmaster Professor Gary Lee, 9th Dan Okinawa Te, Founder of the Museum of Sport Karate Masters, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award, 11/4/2011, and has nominated Professor Andrew Linick, 10th Dan, to present it to him in my absence.

Grandmaster Ronnie Coldwell 10th Dan Meijin Shotokan & Jiu Jitsu graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award 15/5/2011.

Grandmaster Andrew S. Linick Ph.D., Hanshi 10th Dan Chinese/Okinawa Shorinji ryu Karate Do. Has graciously

excepted the Life Time Membership Award, 26/7/2011.

Santiago Sacaba 9th Dan Shorin ryu, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award , 27/4/2012.

Michael Elliott Norvell, Renshi, 6th Dan Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu/2nd Dan Matayoshi Kobudo, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award, 20/8/2012.

Leif Hermansson 10th Dan Okinawa Kobujutsu/10th Dan Karate Do, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award, 20/8/2012.

Barry Moyer 9th Dan Shorin Ryu/Shuri Osae Kantan te ryu, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award, 20/8/2012.

Jenny Pless, from Houston, Texas, USA, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award, for her Dedication and Acheivements, in Preserving the History of Kung Fu & Taekwondo,  7/11/2012.

Joe Carslake 10th Dan Kyushoshin Ju Jutsu, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award 22/3/2013.

Derek Victor Lines 4rd Dan Jiu Jitsu, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award 23/1/2014

Stephen Mitchell 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu, has graciously excepted the Life Time Membership Award 15/3/2014


1) TOKAMAF Application Forms

2) Association/Federation Constitution

3) Association Rules

4) Child Protection Policy

5) Black Belt Register

6) Club Directory

7) Links

TOKAMAF Application forms

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association/Federation constitution

1) Membership is open to all Martial Arts Styles and Associations.

2) Regular Gradings

3) Dan Grades Recognised and Certificated

4) Dan Grade Registration

5) No Politics, or Interference in the Running of your Club, or  Association

Association/Federation rules

1) While in the dojo etiquette applies at all times.

2) Membership with the Association/Federation is at the discretion of the Founder and Chief Instructor

3) All Instructors and Assistant Instructors  must be obeyed at all times

4) All Instructors & Assistant Instructors must have Instructor Public & Products Liability Insurance to teach within any

   Clubs Dojo

5) The Association/Federation will not be held responsible for any injuries occurring within any clubs that result from any

   Uninsured Instructor

6) All students must have a current licence and insurance while training and must be kept up to date at all times

7) During Sparring safety equipment must be worn at all times ie....Mitts, Gun Shields, Groin Box, Shin & Instep Protectors,

    Ladies- Chest Protectors etc

8) No student is permitted to leave the dojo without the instructors permission

9) All students must arrive at least 30 minutes before class starts, this is to give everyone time to get changed, ready for 


10) All members must have good hygiene and appearence e.g well cut nails etc

11) All Gi's must be ironed and clean

12) No jewellery will be worn at any time in the dojo

13) There will be no disrespect to Students or Instructors in the dojo

14) Anyone that brings the Club or Association/Federation into disrepute will have their licenses suspended.

15) Any injuries prior to training must be reported before training

16) Any injuries occured in lessons will be reported and recorded in the incident log.

17) The club will not be responsible for damage or loss of property, that is left on the premises 

18) Any medical condition must be stated prior to joining


Child protection policy

We at TOKAMAF, want to create an enviroment where children can come and train in safety

Therefore we have issued the following policy

1) We will ensure when there is a class, where there are children present, there will a responsible adult and adequate instructor present.

2) All health and safety instructions and policies will be in place

3) We ensure anyone working as an instructor / assistant instructor is made aware of these policies.

4) We ensure that all instructors that will be teaching, especially around children, will have an up to date CRB check.

5) There will be a first aider on hand at all classes ( usually the instructor )

6) We will have procedures in place to make sure any child wanting to talk to someone about Child Protection, will have someone they can talk to, (ASSOCIATION CHILD PROTECTION OFFICER)

7) Any member found to have deliberately gone against this policy, or harmed a child in our care, will instantly have their membership suspended, pending further enquiry and the appropriate authorities will be notified immediately.



We have appointed a specific person to deal with the Child Protection Policy and any queries or reports regarding this matter should be made through them.

Child Protection Officer , Advanced Certificate

 George Bishop: Tel: 07973 282 712

black belt register


 Jack Hogan 9th Dan Kyushu Jitsu & Karate, Hogan International. (Life Time Membership Award).

 Professor Gary Lee 10th Dan Okinawa Te, Founder of the Museum of Sport Karate Masters.

 (Life Time Membership Award).

 Ronnie Coldwell 10th Dan Meijin, Shotokan & Jiu Jitsu. (Life Time Membership Award).

 Ron Lindsey 9th Dan Hakutsuru No Kan Dojo.

 Grandmaster Andrew S. Linick Ph. D. Hanshi 10th Dan Chinese/Okinawa Shorinji ryu Karate Do,

 Chairman & Founder: Karate Masters Hall of Fame, (R) since 1972,

 Honoring Outstanding Pioneers & Masters of Karate Do,

 The U.S Ambassador of Karate.. (Life Time Membership Award).

 Santiago Sacaba 10th Dan Okinawa Shorin Ryu Karate Federation. (Life Time Membership Award).

 Leif Hermansson 10th Dan Okinawa Kobujutsu/10th Dan Karate Do. (Life Time Membership Award).

 Barry Moyer 9th Dan Shorin Ryu/ Shuri Osae Kantan te ryu. (Life Time Membership Award).

 Joe Carslake 10th Dan Kyushoshin Ju Jutsu (Life Time Membership Award).

 George Bishop,Hanshi, 9th Dan Shotokan, 6th Dan Shorin Ryu, 4th Dan Jiu Jitsu,

 1st Dan Bushi te ryu Hakutsuru, (Life Time Membership Award).

 Sid Rayford Kyoshi 9th Dan Kobayashi Shorin Ryu.

 Michael Elliott Norvell, Renshi, 6th Dan Matsubayashi Shorin Ryu/2nd Dan Matayoshi Kobudo.

 (Life Time Membership Award).

 Jenny Pless (Master Kung Fu/Taekwondo) Houston, Texas, USA (Life Time Membership Award).

 Stephen Roy Pinfold 5th Dan Jiu Jitsu,

                                       4th Dan Brithai,

                                       1st Dan Shotokan.

 Derek Lines 4nd Dan Karate-Jutsu/Jiu Jitsu

 Caroline Higgins 1st Dan Shukokai.

 Darren Warren 1st Dan Choshinkai,

                             1st Dan Shukokai.

 Tim Brandon 2nd Dan Jiu Jitsu,

                          1st Dan Brithai.

 Sophie Holden 1st Dan Jiu Jitsu.

 Vicky Newman 1st Dan Jiu Jitsu.

 Antony Chapman 5th Dan Tiger Okinawa Karate,

                                  1st Dan Qiankun Dao,

                                  Rank 7 Level Four Techridan Traditional Chinese Wushu.

 China-Mae Hutton 2nd Dan Karate D0.

                               1st Dan Okinawa Kobujutsu

 Rocky Hutton 1st Dan Karate Do.

                        1st Dan Kobujutsu

 Alice Wilson 1st Dan Shimsway Jiu Jitsu.

 Neil James 1st Dan Shimsway Jiu Jitsu.

 Maurice Griffin 1st Dan Shimsway Jiu Jitsu.

 Alan Bishop 3rd Dan Shotokan.

 Tony Peters 1st Dan Jiu Jitsu.

 David Dempster 5th Dan Yosiekan Ryu.

 Daniel Salter 4th Dan Scottish Yosiekan Karate & Jiu Jitsu.

 Keith Clark 1st Dan Yosiekan Ryu Jiu Jitsu.

 Adam Carter 5th Dan Shito Ryu; Kensei Karate Club.

 Encminger Goran 3rd Dan Karate do.

 David Bell 1st Dan Tiger Okinawa Karate.

 Michael Deans 1st Dan Karate.

 Nicola Deans 1st Dan Karate.

 Cristian Isop 1st Dan Shito ryu.

 Tony Johnson 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu.

 Stephen Mitchell 6th Dan Jiu Jitsu.

 Ian Cooper 5th Dan Karate.

 Gary Sass 6th Dan Shoto Ikki Kai, 2nd Dan Kobudo. Jeff Durkot 1st Dan Kobudo.

 Carlos Angel Candelaria Rivera 5th Dan Kyuu Sei Kan Karate.

 Keith V.F.Smith 5th Dan Kyushindo Judo, 2nd Dan Tai Ho Jujitsu.

Robert Martinez 8th Dan Shorin Ryu and Kobudo. 

clubs directory

 Ron Lindsey 9th Dan Hakutsuru No Kan Dojo

 134 Short Street, Bastrop County, TEXAS, USA


 Tel: 512 - 303 - 5597 


 Don Came 6th Dan Kissaki-Kai

 Karate Academy Eastbourne, Unit 2-4, 10 Cornfield Lane,Eastbourne,East Sussex. BN21 4NE

 Tel: 07952 670 349  Email:


 Stephen Pinfold 5th Dan Jujitsu/ 4th Dan Brithai, 1st Dan Shotokan, Adv.cert.Ed

 Shim's Way Jujitsu

 c/o Dover Harbour Board

 Sports and Social Club

 Port Zone, Whitfield

 Dover, Kent

 CT16 2HQ

 Tel: 01304 829 216

 Mobile: 07968 527 013




IAOMAS, International Allience of Martial Arts Schools, 'IAOMAS Martial Art Student Support Organisation'.

Craig Finch Sensei 6th Dan Kobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate, Ryukyukan Association

Phone: 07590 717 963

Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai, Dojo Headquarters, Shinbukan Dojo, Nesabu, Tomigusuku-Shi, Okinawa, Japan.

Emile van Heeden

Kaizen-an international society for education and training in security and martial arts

Tel: + 46 (0) 738-35 66 99

Dojokai Sohonbu Dojo Morita

International Martial Arts Managements Systems

Ron Lindsey 9th Dan Hakutsuru No Kan Dojo


Martial Arts Grandmasters International (World Governing Body for Martial Arts), (MAGI) (R)

Museum of Sport Karate

Directory of Okinawa Karate & Kobudo Schools

Associations & Organisations

Ryukyu Association of Karate & Gung Fu

World Registry of Black Belts, Organisations, Federations & Associations (WRBBOF)

Universal Martial Arts Association (UMAA)

United States National Karate Association (USNKA)

Association Europeenne de Kyusho Jitsu (AEKJ)

British Combat Association

Doshinkai Karate International

Traditional Martial Arts Society

Martial Arts Grandmasters International (MAGI) (R)